Serene CBD Reputation

Founded by Erica Valker in 2016, Serene CBD sources its CBD from California and operates in Highland Park, Illinois.

According to the company’s “About Us” page, Valker has a long history in the Cannabis industry prior to Serene CBD; however, her life took a sudden halt when she became ill with Lyme’s Disease. After years of suffering daily from seizures, tremors, pains and other symptoms of Lyme’s Disease, Valker returned to her roots in Cannabis.

After experiencing a life-changing improvement to her Lyme’s Disease with CBD, Valker became passionate about CBD and was involved with several CBD businesses. Last year, with her husband Paul Valker, Erica launched Serene CBD.

With a mission to offer unique formulas that blend various cannabinoids with essential oils and other natural substances, Serene CBD aims to lead the industry and evolve how cannabinoids are involved in our lives.

While the brand has a small presence now, both Erica and Paul have extensive experience in the Cannabis space, which positions Serene CBD as an exciting CBD brand to look out for.